Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thoughts, yet again

I'm leaving for Walt Disney World this evening on my third red eye in the last week and a half. My cough has turned into a head cold and I can't stop blowing my nose. My extremities are cold and my core is hot. I want to just curl up and sleep for about a week, but instead I'll be riding roller coasters, soaking up sun, and hopefully knocking out this cold with rushes of adrenaline and melatonin.

Sleep is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Can't get enough of the stuff. Rocks me really from hear to toe.

I'm itching for change. For a dramatic shift in my littls spherical existence. I want to bounce off my axis and roll on out. I'm ready for something beyond a little excitement. Scratch too hard, and I might bleed. But graze fingernails all over me and I might just feel sedated.

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