Sunday, June 10, 2007

Seattle Works Day, 2007

Yesterday 1500 volunteers in their 20s and 30s worked on Seattle's green spaces. My group, lead by Susanna Williams - helped build a retaining wall at the Danny Woo garden in the ID. We volunteered through the Interim Community Development Association.

One of my favorite things about Seattle Works is the learning opportunities at every project. Our contact at the site, Matt, told us a little about the history and diversity of the area. The garden is used by many eldery, non-english speaking community members. Issues like the big-box retail proposition at the Goodwill site are prevalent. How do you maintain a sense of culture and community?

We did a lot of hauling and moving. Since my foot is still bothering me a little, I tried to keep activities to a minimum. I spent a majority of my time removing bricks from some wheelbarrows and stacking them on pallets. I feel it today!

I was really happy that Carter joined in on the fun!

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