Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Big 2-7

I'm excited for whatever this year has in store for me. Not that anything has actually changed other than the number I tell people when they ask how old I am. Still, our culture places an emphasis on celebrating the anniversary of our births, and we, in turn, look at it as a sense of rebirth - something fresh, a milemarker.

Celebrating this birthday has been the best in years. I'm not sure why, but it added up to a good balance of festivities.


First, on July 16th - my Mom, Jenny, Juan and I went to see the M's from the "suite." I missed a kickball game, but it was a lot of fun. We were the only ones there for awhile! I have some pictures I'll have to post - but it definitely felt like a VIP experience. Except when Jenny bought 3 drinks and our bill was $30... $10 a pop seems steep even for the Suite level at Safeco.

Last Monday, the 23rd, my parents came up and the family went to Bizzarro for dinner. It is quickly becoming a favorite restaurant of mine. I just like how tasty their dishes are.

On the 24th I learned that I am now the Marketing Chair for the SLU chamber. This had been coming for a little bit, but still - nice news on my b'day eve.

On my actual birthday, good German beer was consumed by all, followed by a small group continuing festivities over pool and a jukebox. After closing out the bar, we hung out at a park and swung on swings. Thursday was a little rough. But it was a lot of fun.

On the 26th, Karianne, Carter, Lisanna and I went to see Pink Martini at ZooTunes. Great, relaxing show.

On the 27th, I worked Election - and had a handful of friends join me there. I'm excited to see the pictures!

Yesterday, I had my first experience at a roller derby - and I loved it! I saw the Ratcity Rollergirls semi-finals at Magnuson park. I think the Sockit Wenches are my favorite team - and I like Miss Fortune. She's an amazing skater. I will be out of town for the finals, but I think I'll have to hit some more up next season. I liked the venue a lot.

Birthday week is officially over. It was a fantastic one. :-)

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