Monday, July 9, 2007

From Threadless. Funny.

I'm addicted to the chicken tenders at Whole Foods. I found something that is filling and relatively cheap. The breading is crunchy and spicy. Yummers.

The last few weeks have been non-stop summer-lovin' action. Between summer bonfires, house parties, bbqs, bocce ball, sunburns, dinners out with the ladies, kickball, volunteering, etc... it seems like it just never ends! But it's all good stuff, and I just sleep in when I can - so s'all good. No need to highlight everything, or I'd write a novella.

I really like this post on Metroblogging Seattle. The best part:

So, to remind everyone about how 90+ degree days work in Seattle:

1. Everyone complains, except for people from the Southwest or Southeast who laugh at Seattle weather wimps.
2. Then the people who were laughing remember they don't have air conditioning because in this town you only need it three days a year.
3. Where there's air conditioning, there's people. Lots and lots of people. Especially movie theaters. This would be the perfect time of year for some A/C'd art house to show the director's cut of Das Boot, because people would willingly sit through all six hours.
4. Your most likely Jim Forman sighting: Manguson Park. Maybe Green Lake, if they can somehow get it open for swimming again.
5. This is the one time of year "I have air conditioning" works as a pickup line. The rest of the year, you're a wasteful anti-environment reactionary Republican. But this week, the whole bar is coming home with you.
6. Oh, bought your fan yet? If not, too late. And don't buy an air conditioner. It will be right back in the closet on Friday, anyway. Well, if you're desperate for sex, knock yourself out; just don't buy the overpriced ones from Best Buy.

Good times, Seattle. Good times.

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