Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life is good

I'm really, really content with life right now.

The weather has been absolutely wonderful the last few days. I went to play tennis last night at 8:45 or so and it was really warm. I wore pants and totally should have worn shorts! I love it.

Tuesday night I had my first marketing committee meeting as chair. I think it went really well. Then met up with a group at the Mariner's game. I missed all the action in the first inning, and then witnessed the slow descent of the game. But it was still really fun - and another warm, sumer evening. J & I headed over to Peso's for happy hour after the game. I do love the ocassional margaritta from there. It had been awhile since I've been there. Actually, come to think of it, it was the night I bought my condo! In February. I had some really good spring rolls and J had the chicken nachos. Yummers!

Early Tuesday morning I got up with Cassie and we went to Kerry Park to watch the lunar eclipse. I kinda wish we had gotten up just a little earlier to see more of the progression. But it was still cool. And Kerry Park was packed!

Monday was the first night in a long time that I was able to just go home and get some sh!t done. It felt good. I went home and worked out for like 20 minutes on my elyptical and then K came over, we ate some quick dinner, and walked around the top of Queen Anne. Another beautiful night - really great sunset over the Olympics.

Sunday I went to a rockin' bbq and discovered that the beef kabobs from Whole Foods are worth it.

Saturday I had a teamworks project in the morning with Team Survivor. It was a pretty cool event. The first 2 hours I was pretty much a parking lot attendant - not my favorite part. Then the second 2 hours I worked the raffle booth. One bummer is I missed the volunteers race. But oh well. I saw J's mom and got a quick lunch. That was nice of them.

After the project I came home and took a looooooooong nap. I've been fighting a little cold since I got back from NO, so I needed it. But then I woke up feeling super groggy.

Saturday night we went out for sushi at Sushiland. For a brief moment, J considered going for the plate-championship - but 30 plates really is a lot of food. We killed some time shooting pool at Great Nabob and then saw Superbad at Cinerama. Superbad is pretty damn funny. It isn't a perfect comedy - but I do think Michael Cera is hilarious. Ah, George Michael. You funny, funny kid.

Ok, I could keep going, but I'm done.

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