Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I'm completely and totally addicted to playing Scrabulous on Facebook. Seriously. I have interacted more with old friends in the past week than the past year because of this game! It's just so easy to log on and see if it's your turn, make your move, and then move on to something more productive.

I played a game against a random opponent recently and found our board very interesting. It is so dense! Hence the high scores. We were playing 3 letter words that would end up getting like 20 points. Sure, I lost, but not by too much - and I think the board looks awesome.


Michelle said...

Whoa, that is an impressive game! And I must confess that I share your addiction. I might have to join a 12-step group sometime soon.

Come to think of it, "anonymous" would be a pretty sweet Scrabble word...

Anonymous said...

so am i.
but i keep losing. :(
oh well.

cute blog..

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