Sunday, November 18, 2007


It's been awhile since I've done a post like this. I've been a little consumed with family things, and then trying to find some sense of balance in the rest of my life.

A week ago Thursday, Karianne and I went to see Feist at the Paramount. I thought it was a great show. She performed really well - sound was awesome. And she played with her audience quite a bit. During a few of her slower (read: potentially boring at a show) songs, she incorporated some really amazing multi-media. It was simple, but mesmerizing. There is rarely a show where I don't get at least a little bored (yes, even punk and hip-hop shows). I felt like this was one of the least "boring" shows I've ever seen because of the multimedia.

Bowling has been fun. We actually won last week. We've been doing better, I'd say, this year over last year. It's a really fun team too. Tonight is our last night for this season - then we start up again in January. Good times.

The new Rain Fitness opened - and I've been going 3-4 times a week since the beginning of the month. I'm good about cardio - but I've been really getting into the various weight machines. I can feel the difference, and I know from experience that it is only a matter of time before the difference can be seen too. Granted, my big priority in going at all is endurance, strength and overall health. But the boost to appearance is always a welcome result too.

Teamworks yesterday was intense. We were working with the People for Puget Sound. We were on the Duwamish River - just outside of South Park. You couldn't have picked worse weather. Ok, it could have been worse - but we were soaked, despite wearing "rain proof" clothing. The dampness soaked through our layers, and then dirt and bits of bark covered us. It was a little uncomfortable, but there is something fun about being out there on a day like that. We were weeding non-native plants, and then planting natives. The better vegetation actually increases biodiversity by attracting different insects, who the salmon feed on. Interesting stuff.

Afterwards, we headed to Calamity Jane's for food, beer and bonding. Our team has some really awesome people on it that I look forward to getting to know better. Lots of interesting hobbies and lines of work.

Carter, Karianne and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing games. (After changing into dry clothes!) We played a long game of Killer Bunnies. Yes, it is as random as it sounds, but oddly addictive once you start playing. I'm not even sure what to compare it to. You literally are trying to keep your bunnies alive and kill other people's bunnies. And you can do this in a ton of different ways. Almost every card is different. It is fun.

Then we played a few rounds of Squint. Simple, fun game that's a little like pictionary - only instead of drawing, you have cards with random images on them that you put together to create an image. I like that it uses a different part of the brain than a lot of other games I have played in the past.

By the way, if you live in Seattle, check out Blue Highway Games.

Feel free to pick up coffee or tea to take with you - you have like 8 places to choose from within a block, especially now that Peet's is open and rounds out the Boston/Queen Anne intersection with 3 coffee shops. Yes, you heard me right. Tully's across from Starbucks. Peet's taking over the former Ravenna Garden's space. Which is only a few storefronts from Lladro's and Teacup. Caffeine is easy to find within that block!

I digress. The game store is awesome. It has a bunch of tables, including some in a loft. The store encourages you to "try before you buy." That's how Carter and I found out about these games. You just go to the back and they have a ton of games open, ready for you to try out. It's pretty cool. Definitely gets into that third place concept.

Good times were had last night at a party that was entitled, "YOU RUINED MY SHIRT." The concept is simple. Wear a white shirt. Bring markers. Write on people. I drew frogger on my friend Erin's back, and she returned the favor by drawing pac man on mine. Both were some of the better G-rated designs. As you can imagine, the "inappropriate" phrases and pictures increase with a direct correlation to overall amount of alcohol consumed. I'll save those for your imagination.

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