Monday, January 7, 2008

Futility Closet

I'm always interested in good RSS feeds. I'm about ready to do some cleaning to my subscriptions. There are some I get behind on and just can't keep up with. Slog, for example. Way too many posts! I've decided to just check Citizen Rain the most because I like the pace they post at and they read all the blogs I wish I had time to.

That said, if there are new feeds that I discover, I'm quick to add them. I can always delete them later. Indexed is a great example of something I've recently subscribed to and love reading on a regular basis.

I love subscribing to anything written by people I know. If they occasionally get a little lengthy and I get behind, I know I can just skim them.

My latest "discovery" (thanks to girlrobot) - which I'm just adding today is futilitycloset.

If it is as good as the few posts I skimmed, I think I've found a keeper. A little mental exercise is always a good way to spend a few minutes. New vocab. Fun facts. Good stuff.

Any of you have recommendations for things I really should be reading daily? Preferably blogs that post a couple short items daily.

One of these days I'll update my list of what I am subscribed to.

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Stacey said...

A few of my favorites:

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