Thursday, January 31, 2008

too cool for coats

this is a little humorous:

i remember despising wearing a coat to school as a kid. it wasn't necessarily a "cool" thing though. it was partly that i didn't want the bulk - yet another thing to carry around all day. i was never much of a locker person. i kept my books in my bag that i needed - and was fortunate to have double copies of most textbooks... one for home, one for school.

i think it may have been a little bit of a northwest thing. our tempteratures are so mild throughout the year. it feels warm in spring and in fall. at least warm enough for a that short walk between your house and you car and then your car and school.

i don't know what it was about coats, but my mom did remind me often to bring a coat. was it some vague form of rebellion? weird. i don't know.

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d. chedwick bryant said...

yeah, this has been going on for over a decade --the no coat but wear a woolie hat indoors phenom...

like the pic of Bob Dylan on the wall, (when the giant has no explanation for his hat)

I myself love coats to distraction and have loads of them--I never button them up though.

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