Monday, February 25, 2008

bad excuses tees

I don't know that I would ever wear any of these (not really my style) - but they are funny. At least on a website. And they're probably funny when worn ironically. Unfortunately, I fear people who will buy these and wear them will have missed that extra layer of humor - and they really are the people who give these bad excuses.

Bad Excuses Tees

You know what I mean though? It's like Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite, repeating how one throw in high school football changed his life, because he could have gone to state and then pro. In actuality it is kind of sad.

This is where irony steps in though and makes it funny. Like naming your soccer team Hoop Dreams and your kickball team Bowling for Kicks. Or something.

This also shows me that a simple idea/concept can really easily be made into a t-shirt business. This concept isn't all that complicated. It is a simple pattern, repeated to jive with people's different (lost) dreams and aspirations.


I could have made a small fortune with a t-shirt idea,
but someone else came up with it.

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