Wednesday, March 12, 2008


With my impending move, I am in the couch market. But just barely. It's not like I need a couch right away or anything. But it will be nice to have something that I like. Something that's mine. Something that reflects my personality and style.

At the same time, couches are pricey. Even the "cheap" new ones are still $1,000. I never see anything I love at Ikea - but I do like a couple at cb2. I like couches with a smaller feel - I'm not into clunky big ones.

Now I'm also not above craigslisting it. But every time I browse CL for couches - I'm APPALLED at what I see. Bad soft leather, floral, stripe, turquoise. You name it. If it looks dated and like it belongs in your aunt's house and not yours - it is on Craigslist. I'd link out, but CL expires so quickly. And, while I could pinpoint specifics - pretty much every picture is an example of a bad couch.

Guess I'll just have to do with my blue lazyboy until I have extra cash flow again.


Grounded Girl said...

There is something fundamentally Grown Up about having a new sofa. Sarah Wilmot has a new sofa that she picked out herself and I am kind of in awe of that. With your brand spanking new place, you should have yourself a brand spanking new sofa. I'd love to get one for The Cottage, but The Cottage kind of demands smaller, older furniture so I CLd it and found a really cute, not ugly ivory loveseat sleeper sofa that's perfect (although stained and, now, fairly shredded by my cat). Damn-- I STILL need to have you over! Mac-n-cheese night once I get over the wisdom teeth!

raineygirl said...

i have found some awesome non grandmothers basement furniture on CL- my love seat was only $50, custom made, should of been about $300 plus. if you want something new try the Dania or the Kasala outlets. Even possibly a few discount stores in Sodo. Dania also has some reasonable ones, Michael and I almost bought a $800 couch from there, then found out there was a long lead time, the next day he found it on CL, someone was selling it because it didn't fit in his apartment after custom order, sadly it didn't fit in our apartment either...

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