Thursday, March 20, 2008

i'm a trend-setter! /sarcasm... but what is an urbane tomboy?

The NY Observer decided to give a moniker to girls who wear t-shirts and jeans! There are so many things wrong with calling comfort a "trend" - I can't even begin to pull it apart. But luckily, some other people have.

A male friend of mine recently observed that women should be ruling the world. If we got our stuff together, we could. His theory is that men will do anything for a woman. We should be (non-manipulatively) using this to our advantage. And we should be less distracted by: designer jeans, high heels, and make-up. In no particular order.

Ugh. Now my very own simple, natural, comfortable, laid-back style is a buzzword. And not very well named at that. Oh, and of course, no one will actually use this term. I give it a couple days on blogs and *maybe* some folks actually say the word aloud on those bad paparazzi pop talk shows. But 6-months from now? Nothing. 'Cause I'm sorry, but wearing comfortable clothes isn't some new trendy New York driven choice.

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Grounded Girl said...

Ugh-- annoying characterization! It's called COMFORTABLE, people-- why must everything be categorized? (This from a decidedly non urbane tomboy-- I'm rockin' 2.5" stilettos today.) Also, that article had a totally condescending take on Jezebel as a "women's issues blog". Check out Jezebel if you haven't already: It's gurly and durty but that is how we ladies roll these days, right?

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