Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On Women...

From Marginal Revolution, on a fascinating list about the author's own anti-American attitudes (and yes, I happen to agree with a lot of them...) -

3. For whatever reasons, smart American women seem to be more insecure than are Western European women. Yes that's a vulnerable overgeneralization and I will take some lumps for it in the comments but I still think it's basically true.

Also, an interesting article on women (and I'm guessing this is more American women again, not necessarily universal) and their need for perfection.

I think women, because we multitask, tend to have more things we try to be good at. There is a study done about 10 years ago tracked married couples over three months. They found that men on average worry about three things every day, but women on average worry about 12 things every day. In which way are you going to be more neurotic? If you worry about three things or if you worry about 12 things?

This brings back a comment that a friend made to me a couple months ago... if we (women) could stop worrying about stupid stuff... we would be ruling the world.

We don't want to be the bitch. We don't want to be the doormat. We try too hard to please others in our lives - afraid to be seen as selfish by putting ourselves at #1.

Just some interesting themes on being an American woman.

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