Sunday, May 4, 2008


I just watched The Story of Stuff. I highly recommend you do too. It's one of those things I think everyone should see. I know a lot of you are enviros. But this just lays it all out so nicely. And it raises so many of the red flags about how our society/economy currently functions.

I'm going to start reading her blog too (right up my alley) and the first post I saw is on, none other than, the beauty industry. Oh, the beauty industry. How very fucked up you are.

I truly believe we live in a culture obsessed with stuff and the marketing of it to consumers. So this film resonates with my core beliefs. We're told constantly all the things that are "wrong" with us - and we're given these "cures" that are often just addictive, toxic products that we feel like we "need" in order to function as normal human beings.

I really appreciate her example of buying a $4.99 radio that actually costs a great deal more. But in reality, the "savings" we are getting is at the expense of natural resources and employees along the way.

This little film brings up a nice variety of hot topics. Well worth it.

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