Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Low-Car Diet" Day 3

I enjoy commuting on the bus. The ride from the top of Queen Anne to the bottom is fairly short. I find myself getting off about 5 blocks from work and I like the walk. This morning USE's Emerald City played as I walked under scaffolding at one of many "other developer's" projects along Denny on the West side of Aurora. I was leaving Queen Anne and facing Capitol Hill as the song gave shout outs to both neighborhoods. And there I was in my own 'hood - the one I have envisioned myself living in for years now. Reality is right around the corner.

If my life was just home -> work and work -> home... then this would be so simple. But when friends want to hang out and I want to participate in extra-curricular activities and I want to spend time with J... it gets more complicated! For example, I wanted to hear about K's trip to New Orleans. Roommate A had just texted me about going to Golden Gardens. I was canceling on L for our standing Monday workouts because of my blistered heels. So we all went to GG. But I was at work when these plans were made and I needed to go home to change. That means at least a half an hour to get home, depending on which bus I catch. And then it takes another hour to get from QA to GG. Of course - just because I am not driving, doesn't mean my friends can't drive me. I bribed K with my 2-for-1 at Coldstone to come pick me up. And then to drive me from GG to J's place.

Tuesday morning I had a meeting in the International District. I needed to get from J's place to my place, and then get on a bus that would get me to the meeting on time. I *could* have taken the bus into downtown from J's and back to my place. It *would* have taken about an hour. But - he was very nice and dropped me off on QA on his way to work. Another ride from a friend - but not my own car!

Getting to the ID is easy. Getting from there to my usual place of work is easy.

Getting to Greenlake for a soccer game = easy (even after I missed the ideal bus... and thankfully because a meeting was canceled.)

Getting from Greenlake to J's place, just north of Greenlake... would have taken me an hour to bus or an hour to walk. But a very nice girl who was heading north herself dropped me off. That makes the difference between getting to his place at 9 or at 10.

I don't make a lot of round trips. I do a lot of A to B to C to B to A in my day. That doesn't mesh well with a Zipcar. It hasn't been practical yet for me to consider one. When I live and work in the same neighborhood, it might make more sense.

I got my framed print back from MQF today. It is GORGEOUS and I can. not. wait. to put it up on the walls of my new home. It'll be fun walking up Denny with it and riding the bus with it. It'll also be fun to figure out the safest place to "store" it for the next 2 months before I move. I don't actually want to hang it yet.

Did I mention it is beautiful? I love it!

I. can. not. wait. to. move.

It's going to look sssoooo good with concrete floors!!!

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