Sunday, August 31, 2008

On my impending move

I'm obsessed. I mean literally, everything I do, every drive I take, every social encounter, every shopping trip - I relate it in my mind (and often verbally) to my move. To my new place. To the location. To this space that is going to be mine.

I've lived in "the hostel" (does anyone even still call it that?) for 5 years. A little over actually. We moved in around the 4th of July, 2003 - pretty much one year after I graduated from college. It's the end of August, 2008. When I moved into my current situation, picked a room, etc - I had no idea I would still be there 5 years later.

In those 5 years, we have never had our rent raised. What I pay (and have paid for 5 years on a monthly basis) is half of what many of my peers pay for rent. A 3rd for some. And probably even a quarter for a handful. It has allowed me to save for a down payment. It has also taught me incredible patience in shared space. And I have truly had some of the most respectful, cool roommates ever. Seriously. Little pet peeves of mine aside, they've all been great! All 14 (+2-3 significant others that might as well be counted) of them (in this house alone - that doesn't include the college years!)

But I'm ready to move on.

I'm ready to have my own fridge. And freezer. With an ice-cube maker! My own stove top that I can keep as clean as I'd like. My own kitchen. Every drawer and cabinet = MINE! My own counter tops that I can put anything I'd like on! My own candles and knicky knacky things.

For years now (seriously... years...) my Mom has been buying me things for the home for my birthday and Christmas. And we have an understanding. Some things I take with me. And other things, well, they stay in their box and go in the attic. For when I have my own place.

See, while I've had great roommates, that doesn't mean we should leave nice things out. It's beyond their control if they have friends over and something breaks. Or someone doesn't know to hand wash something (like my stainless steel teapot, which has terrible water stains now). I haven't wanted these nicer things my Mom has gotten me to be ruined my the day to day wear and tear - inevitable in a house of 5 20-something adults. And we've been a party-house too. Things are just more likely to break in that type of situation.

So the time is near that I'll go to my parents and my Mom and I will start taking things down from the attic. We already have an understanding that there will be a few things that I've probably already "outgrown." A trend from a few years back that will feel like mere clutter now. But, for the most part, these goodies include things that I'm really excited about. Like nice mixing bowls. Pots and pans. A kitchenaid standing mixer I bought myself about 6 years ago for half price. Flatware. Baking sheets.

It'll be like Christmas all over again! Several times over!

I have a love/hate relationship with my current bedroom. Remember how I said I never thought I'd be living in it for as long as I have? Well, think about how you treat a space that's temporary. Or more - how you mistreat it. I've never felt truly organized. Truly settled. As a renter, I just haven't wanted to make the "investments" in painting it, etc - to make it something I truly love. It isn't a "bad" room by any means. In fact - it is a gem. I am excited for K to move into it and hopefully really make it her own!

I will move into my new place and it will already have the finishes and paints that I picked out! It is the exact floorplan I wanted. I'll have my own outdoor space (still not sure what I'll put out there, but we'll see!).

I will have my own bathroom. My own shower. My own sink. My own medicine cabinet. My own outlet in the bathroom to charge my sonicare and to dry my hair. My own hooks to hang clean, fresh, matching hand towels! Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!

I will be short walking distance from twenty bus routes. I can easily, easily walk to Eastlake, Fremont, Lower QA, Belltown, Downtown, and Cap Hill. Not to mention the Denny Triangle. I can always walk to Whole Foods, but beyond that - there's a QFC and Safeway within flat-walking distance. I'm basically equidistant from a few TJ's. I'm kitty-corner from a hardware store. I cross the street twice to get to my gym (no excuses not to go!). Uptown Espresso will be an oasis when I want to get out and experience a third place. I'll be a few blocks from the lake and what is soon to be one of the coolest parks in the city.

I. Can't. Wait.

Sure, my financial situation is going to change drastically. I am preparing myself to stay in a lot more. To cook more. To be a little more domestic with my time. In my place.

I was recently asked what will make the place "mine." And I keep thinking about the art I'll hang on my walls, and the color schemes that are so predictably me. I. Can't. Wait! I can't wait for the little organizational things - finding places to keep things. Places to display things.

I can't wait to have friends and family over to share my space. And let their presence define it just as much as my own tastes will.

I have so many decorating and organizing ideas. I'm sure I'll be writing more about them here in the weeks to come!


sandra said...

congratulations! you deserve it.

Kat said...

I'm so excited for your new place! It will be fun to come visit and see how you make it your own! Only a little longer...

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