Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday there was a theme - it seriously came up after 3 different, unique interactions, with different people involved in each.


People who come into the room with that air of arrogance and expectation. It's one thing to be confident. Another to be rude.

Didn't have a good day? The self-entitled person feels like it is not their own responsibility to have a good day. It's the responsibility of everyone around them to make their day good. The self-entitled person doesn't wear the right types of shoes to an event - fashion over function. The self-entitled person doesn't listen to the explanation - they just jump to the blame game. The self-entitled person doesn't try to understand. They become the victim of a situation out of anyone's control. They twist things into what sounds like a conspiracy against them. There is no benefit of doubt.


I can't even write this post without throwing around a bundle of cliches. People who think the world revolves around them. People who treat others with manipulation and condescension. Who do not show humility and understanding.

The people I know who seem truly happy have an awareness of others and humble themselves in the presence of others. They do not sacrifice their integrity in doing so - this isn't about self-deprecation. It is about listening. It isn't about placing blame. It is about personal responsibility.

It isn't just a set of behaviors.

It is an approach to life. A personal philosophy based on a set of beliefs. And it really does change the way we interact with the world - with friends, significant others, colleagues, strangers, family. Happiness is a choice.

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Grounded Girl said...

F YEAH! The older I get (all hoary and wise at nearly 33), the less patience I have with those who make it all about them in one way or another. Yesterday, I handed a $25 donation to our administrative assistant. The Auction Bitch said, "Oooh! Do you have any money for me?" I ignored her. She said, "Oh, I guess it's your turn now..." YOU THINK?

So yay for collegial colleagues who know how to play on the team, not hog the ball. Yay for friends who ask how you, one of the most beautiful women in the world, are doing when they know you've had a lousy day. Yay for bosses who communicate before the fact instead of snapping at you afterward for not reading their minds. Yay for siblings who cheer each other on. Yay for lovers who know that 75% of pleasure is what you give to your partner. Yay for people who roll with what life surprises them with. And yay for you, my friend, who encompass so many of these qualities.

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