Monday, May 14, 2007

I can tell this is going to be long and rambling...

Regina Spektor, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse are all on rotation now at my work. I'm ridiculously aware of background music, so this is a pretty big deal. And yes, I turn it up just a little when these artists come on.

The last week or two have been super busy... here are some highlights:

Bowling is over for the season. We had so much fun, we talked about getting into another league - but there are so many fun outdoor activities that I think we'd all rather do in the summer. And I kind of like having my Sunday nights free again. I'm pretty sure we got last place - but it was more about the fun than the competition.

I went to Marcus' last Thursday (5/3) for the first time in a long time - and I have to say it was pretty bad. I have such fond memories of it feeling so "cool" as a young 21-23 year old - being "out." The service was terrible - and their happy hour martinis tasted like ass. Alas.

Friday night (5/4) was good-bye to Alison. She was my manager's manager and got us all started here at the Disco. It was sad to see her go, but she's very attached and passionate about SLU, so I know we'll still see her around. We went to Suite 410 and I managed to consume about a bottle of champagne. It was over the course of a few hours though. Sometimes I just get the urge, you know? Mmmm... refreshing. Suite 410 is a pretty sweet little place by the way. Pun totally intended.

Then I met up with Marco & Robyn and friends for Spiderman 3 at the Imax. I love seeing hardcore nerdy movies (spoken with affection) with that group. It's all about opening night and seeing people get all geeked up on their comic book trivia. I love it. The movie wasn't great. There was some really fun campiness (or is that spelled campyness) going on that was appreciated. And, of course, seeing things at the Imax is always fun.

Last Saturday (5/5) I managed to celebrate all day long and yet not have a Corona. Blasphemy to the beer gods, I know. I also did not consume an over-priced Mint Julep. Josh and I went to Emerald Downs for a "Fun at the Races" event through my work. I hadn't been there since senior breakfast - high school senior breakfast at that! And obviously that wasn't when the races were happening. I made my first bet for the Derby on imawildandcrazyguy. Because, seriously, for a novice - wouldn't you bet on that name too? He didn't win, and I lost my whopping $5. The buffet was pretty fun - nothing great, but lots of yummers.

I went home, took a nap - and then headed up with Erin to Ryan Chapman's last hurrah in Seattle. He is moving to San Fran. :-( But he's excited and it was nice to hang out a bit before he left.

Last Monday we had kickball and lost again. Bummer! But our defense had improved drastically. We just need to learn to kick to get on base more. Again though - we had fun! We went to Mad Pizza afterwards (new one that just opened up at Alley24). Pretty ideal for post-kickball crowd. We got a few pitchers of beer and some ate (I'd already had it for lunch, so I opted for the liquid diet).

Tuesday a few of us went to Trivia again at BalMar and then to happy hour at La Isla. We tied for third place (not too many teams at this one). La Isla's happy hour was a good time, although I got tired pretty fast.

Wednesday night we had a little teambuilding night at Cowgirls Inc. There's a reason for the location, but I won't go into it here. Cowgirls is the kind of place I wouldn't normally go, but for the sake of teambuilding... Yes, I rode the bull. No, I didn't fall off. Yes, I got some great videos of my colleagues. No, there isn't one of me. It was "rock" night and I got a little annoyed because apparently what I consider "rock" wasn't metal enough for them. We were like 2/3 of the bar though. Oh well. I only wasted a few bucks on that.

Thursday night I went to a SLU Chamber social at Southlake grill. Then Jenny and I checked out Betty - the new restaurant by the same owners as Crow on QA. Really overpriced! Seriously. I don't mind paying for good food, but I spent $9 on some "bruchetta" which was just 3 pieces of french bread with different tapenades on them. I could have bought the ingedients from Trader Joe's and made them for a small army for not much more. The atmosphere is cool, and it was crowded - but why oh why can't there be more chill bars on Queen Anne? Seriously. Just a place I can go get Manny's on tap for a couple bucks. And some cheap, greasy happy hour food. That's all I ask. No chic-chic Opal and Betty. At least there's hope with Julia's. Mmmm... buckwheat pancakes with blueberries and black tea.

Friday, during the day, I met up with my Mom and my cousin Phyllis. She lives in AZ and was in town visiting her granddaughter, Riley Jo. Cute kid. My cousin Jody (Phylis' daughter) and her husband Todd live in Madison Park, so we walked over to Sorella's. It was pretty good, although our waiter was pretty rude. I think he was annoyed at the stroller, but we intentionally asked to be seated where no one else was for that reason. Oh well.

Friday night I went with Carla and Kari to Sunset to see Jonah. Kari knows the band members from back in the day and they put on a pretty great show. Prior to the music, there was this comedy show (Potty Mouth) that Kari and I decided to come early for and watch. Wow. I'm not easily offended, but the guy was gross. Like completely misogynistic and homophobic. And then afterwards we got to witness his "attempts" at finding groupies (or as his manager called them, whores) to woo over with his grotesque fame. It was pretty bad. The music was good though. It was fascinating watching the crowd shift from scuzzy blue-collar crowd to trendy, laidback hipster crowd (apologies for the blatant stereotyping).

Saturday I came in and covered for Laura and then went home to Cassie and Ben's joint birthday party. Somehow I managed to stay up until the wee hours of the morning (I should have called it a night about 2 hours before I did). I think playing kings was the beginning of the end for me. I slept in until the last possible minute and then realized I had actually hurt my foot pretty badly tripping a little on the stairs the night before. I just lost my footing and kinda came down hard on my right foot. I've been a total gimp since then. My right foot is all swollen. I've been icing it and elevating it under my desk and work. I think it'll be fine, but I hope I can play kickball this week! It's my kicking foot. Argh! I can still cheer the team on if nothing else. But maybe I will be ok. We'll see.

Yesterday I left work early and took a long nap. Then I went and joined my brother and Brandon (My sister-in-law's brother-in-law) and another friend of his and saw 28 weeks later. I liked it quite a bit. There was one eye-gauging moment where I had to shield my eyes. But overall it had a good amount of intriguing set-up, decent acting, and great cinematography. That's all I will say since I don't want to spoil it.

I have a massage tonight. Yay.

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