Sunday, May 20, 2007


Hillarious, sarcastic ecards. I love the graduation and workplace ones. And the break-up ones. And the flirting ones. And the birthday ones. I love pretty much all of them. Seriously, look at them, you'll laugh.

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I hurt my foot about a week ago. I'm feeling fine, but I still have this limp when I walk. In reality, I'm perfecting my gangsta walk. Shhh... don't tell anyone. But I'm thinking about sticking a comb in my fro, rolling one pant leg up, and wearing a pacifier around my neck to finish the look. (insert other thugalicious cliches here)

Friday night, Carter, Lisanna, Annika and I did some game testing. We signed NDAs, so I can't really tell you anything about it. Except that it was a fun process! We were basically given the task of figuring out a game they're developing, and we did. It was cool. When it hits the market I'll try to remember to elaborate!

Last night Carter, Lisanna and I went to see Omni at the Showbox. A good friend of ours from childhood is the lead singer, bass player, and warr guitarist. It was great to see Chris and his mom.

We knew they were one of the smaller bands on the line-up, so we figured they were first up. We got there right at 8 (doors opened at 7) - and learned quickly that they weren't on until 11:55. We decided not to stick around, so we went back to C&L's and watched a few DVR'd episodes of Thank God You're Here. Funny show. Some things don't flow so well, but I like that the guests are always rotating and come from various backgrounds of comedy.

When we got back to the Showbox, close to midnight, I kept looking around for Chris' mom, Cathy. I didn't see her sitting anywhere, so I kind of figured she wasn't there (late night on a Saturday, downtown...) - then I saw her front and center during the show. Awesome. We surprised her after the show and it was great to talk to her and Chris for a few.

I'm in the middle of watching Pan's Labyrinth. I really like it so far. I started it the other night and started to fall asleep. I watched a little more before work yesterday. Hopefully I can finish it tonight and get it back in the mail tomorrow. Really effing cool visually. And I love the layers of the story - the juxtaposition of the brutal reality of war and the grotesquely beautiful fantasies of a young girl.

Getting a little Red Robin action tonight with a few roomies/former-roomies. For a minute there I thought we could have a true reunion (sans Hawaiian folks) - but Cassie's sick, Josh and Lauren will be late, the Potters are in Republic... etc etc etc. Oh well. I haven't had a BLTA *unit in a long while. Yummers!

*unit: A word used by my housemate Alycia in lieu of words like "thing" or "item" or "device" or really any other noun. It can be used to emphasize the noun by placing it immediately after. Or it can be used in lieu of the noun altogether.

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