Thursday, May 24, 2007

In love with...

my new MacBook. I always knew I had it in me to fall for a Mac. I've had a zillion roommates with Macs. Even one who worked for an Apple store. I've dated more than one Mac afficianado. I have 2 ipods - a 3rd Gen (before click wheels!) and the newest shuffle. I've adorned my shuffle with a cute red cherry blossom decal.

But until I opened it and was set-up and online in less than 30 minutes. Until I started transferring my photos into iphoto and my music into itunes over our local network. Until I watched 2 movies on it, laying in bed. Until I put it in a case for the first time and took it to my brother's - where again I was online in no time, linking over to his mythtv (tifaux, MediaCenter-esque). Until I took my piture in the "photo booth." Until I started looking at and playing around with garage band and all the other amazing, creative software that it comes with. Until I downloaded acquisition, and firefox.

Until I did these things, I was still unsure of my purchase. And now I'm thrilled. It's the best present I've ever bought myself!

In other news:

Kickball last night was another loss due to an insufficient number of players. By insufficient I mean we had just enough not to forfeit. We had 3 outfielders, no short stop (I played kind of 2nd and short stop), a pitcher and no catcher. However, I was incredibly impressed with our game. We kept the other team down to a third of the runs of last week, and got 2 runs ourselves. I played left-footed and ran on my foot for the first time since injuring it. I actually walked once too. I apologized for it the whole time. It was lame. I like our team a lot. We went to Paddy Coyne's afterwards for a little bit too.

This weekend promises to be a weekend of movies for me. I'm going to the SIFF gala tonight, and then I think I'm going to try to see Je t'aime Paris on Saturday and Once on Sunday. All three movies sound really good. And I should have some new Netflix too. I have this strong desire to watch a movie in a park while laying in the sun. Assuming the weather is like it is today.

I can't believe there won't be another new LOST until next February! :-o the horror!

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