Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good folks at small venues...

Man, I just found out that the Beastie Boys are playing the Croc this Friday. Of course tickets are sold out. Apparently, they sold out in about 10 seconds. But how awesome would that be???

And Robin Williams is playing 3 shows at the Showbox. Also potential for being very cool. But I've spent enough money this week. Let's see $1700 for a new computer. $2000+ for a rate lock... ick!

Oh well.


Jon said...

And to think you could have bought a PC three times as powerful for the same price... sigh.

Jon said...

Oh, and did that Rate lock REALLY cost you that much?

Noelle said...

I guess not really, since it has been refunded out of money I've already put down. Which means I still paid for it, but it's accessible again.

I was just complaining about spending that much in one week.


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