Sunday, September 9, 2007

What do men and women look for in each other?

This study was recently brought to my attention.

Men looked for women who they were physically attracted to.

Women looked for men who ...

Had a sense of humor maybe?


Were financially secure.

Now, sure, I'll be honest - I don't want to date someone who is swimming in debt and can't hold down a job. But that has a lot more to do with their overall personality than the balance in their bank accounts. You know what I mean?

Someone who is in great debt and who suffers from chronic unemployment probably has other personality traits that I am inherently disinterested in. They are too distracted by instant gratification (hence the debt). They may lack work ethic.

Call me naive or idealistic - but I think I'm way more attracted to someone who has a pleasant demeanor, carries themselves with a balance of humility and pride, and is generally happy in life - than someone who just makes a lot of money and is flashy about it.

In fact, let me go out on a limb and say - I am specifically turned off by people who try to "show" that they have money. I respect people who make goodwill and a minimalistic life work for them. I am turned off my excessiveness.

Show me the world through your stories, not your gadgets.

What do you think? How important is financial stability in your partner? How do you measure what that financial stability looks like?

And how does it compare to attractiveness? What do you find physically attractive in a partner?

Am I just deceiving myself by believing that I don't fit this profile?

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