Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Because they are still so damn funny...

A few quick Thanksgiving greetings...

I could go on and on. But for good laughs, just go to

We had a little turkey-day pre-funk at my work today. Basically, everyone chipped in and we got Thanksgiving fixings at Whole Foods. Crazy how fast that premade stuff can add up! But it was yummy. I am excited for the real deal tomorrow though. As much fun as eating-at-the-front-desk-while-hiding-it-in-case-people-come-in is.

Oh, and three studies/stories worth sharing. All good things to bring up over a holiday meal, I'm sure.

Blondes make men act dumb.

I have nothing against blondes. I was a self-made platinum at least once and think about going back to it every once in awhile. This has a lot more to do with our culture's larger stereotyping. Our society tells men that blondes are "dumb" and so to relate, they try to match their level of intelligence.

Talking with others may make you smarter.

This is great news! I enjoy being social. I enjoy conversation. My favorite activities usually involve at least a little "talking." This is why I prefer board games to video games and dive bars to crazy clubs. They all involve social interaction. I feel I learn so much from interactions with people. It makes a lot of sense, I think. (Thanks Deb, who got this from Jesse!)

Finally, because the holidays are quickly approaching...

Ho Ho Ho controversy.

Apparently the Santas' freedom of speech was, in fact, upheld. It's just a good little tid bit, no? There are always stories like this around the holidays. They get a little annoying, but at least you'll know the reference when people make it at your company's holiday party.

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