Monday, November 19, 2007

i should be asleep

I haven't listened to a lot of Blue Scholars yet, but they get plenty of buzz locally. I really like this video:

Nice, right? Interesting social commentary.

Michelle found this gem.

And, a poem...

I was born with my heart on my sleeve,
Raised by the woman who sewed it there,
Taught to love, shown love, always loved,
Opened up to hurt as we bare,
Seeing that love played out during,
What some call one of the most,
Difficult times of our lives.
Live. Out his last days. Weeks? Months? Years?
Every choice, every moment, every breath, a labor of love.
Laborious breathing,
Weakening body.
But loved.
If I ever question what love looks like:
May I conjure up these days.
May I find humility in my actions.
May I give half as much as she.
She who brought me life.
Watching her life.
She lives in these moments of love for him.

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