Friday, January 4, 2008

sad, sad, sad

this news seriously bums me out. just last night i was reading some "sound-off" thing from a couple years ago about good establishments that had closed. many were before my time. but those that i remember really were a loss for this city.

here's another one for the books.

sunset bowl is closing.

sunset bowl is the first place i ever remember bowling in seattle. when i was at spu, we used to go fairly often. 24 hours. you can't find good 24 hour, all ages spots like that.

a couple years ago i joined their thursday night league. i bowled there regularly. then last year i started bowling through underdog. i'm in between leagues with them right now.

it's a place i can go, bring my columbia 10 lb red ball, put on my bright white bowling shoes, drink a manny's pale ale, and try my best. it's an activity i can do well in. or do terribly in. but either way, it's fun, low-key and social.

i like that it is pretty divey. i think it is hilarious, and yet very cool, that it has free wi-fi. why? why do these cool establishments have to go?

obviously, my line of work could appear to be a conflict of interest. but, i'm sorry, there's a big difference between developing parking lots and old, defunct warehouses and taking away a cool spot like this. this is a thriving destination spot in ballard. why can't they take out the burger king and mc donald's instead? or one of the redundant auto places?

a place like sunset bowl should be a neighborhood amenity. it should be a reason to move to ballard. you take away the character and you're no longer selling ballard. you're just selling gentrification.



Stacey said...

I was wondering if you were going to write about this because I remember you being in a bowling league at Sunset Bowl.

The city is definitely changing now that so many quirky places that gave Seattle its character are shutting down for good, but I'm trying to stay optimistic... oh, who the heck am I kidding? This sucks.

Paige Turner said...

This sucks so much. I used to bowl down there with some of my friends... And the Croc. Why are all of the great places closing?!
What's outrageous is that they're putting condos up on top of SB. Uh, I don't think so. Not the correct way to honor the great bowling alley it was.

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