Friday, February 8, 2008

crazy day

my day started out with bowling at sunset at 7:00 am. it was just jaxon and me. once again, we pretty much had the entire bowling alley to ourselves. to the point where the employees were actually paying attention to our games. i had coffee and french toast. their breakfasts are good and cheap. i probably had 3 cups of coffee over the course of a few games. 120, 139 and 131. hope to bring that to the league sunday. sunset feels so frickin' small town in the morning. all these retirees sipping on their coffee.

then i came home. had a phone survey interview thing with a representative from the hands on network (seattle works is an affiliate). sometimes those questions can get a little tedious, but it was nice to be able to provide constructive feedback for an organization i am passionate about.

then i made the relatively short trek down to the key to see barack obama rally up for tomorrow's caucuses. it was awesome. huuuuge attendance. they were over capacity - which is 18,000. there were at least 3,000 they had to turn away.

the line to get in wrapped around the team store, then down first, back to the old QFC site. once we got in there was a lot of waiting around as people tried to find a seat, etc. a good hour and a half later, speakers finally started in. nickels. gregoire officially announcing her support for obama. la di da - it was all great, but once he took the stage - it was unbelievable.

what a dynamic personality. after kerry and gore bored us to tears (i do give al gore props for getting "cool" again with an inconvenient truth) - here's a candidate who really moved me with his words. i don't care if he is "green" - i love that he brings a fresh perspective. and i believe that he actually has the integrity to do it. i think he can. i think we can.

yes we can.

i walked back, freezing cold, earbuds in, briefly considered taking the bus and then realized we would be packed like sardines.

i feel like i really was a part of history today. i was tired and cold and got up early to bowl. it was a strange day. but totally worth it.

caucus tomorrow. i'm sure a post will follow that. someone behind me today used one word to describe it. archaic. is it? i haven't actually been to one before. but i will proudly go tomorrow and make my voice heard.

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Grounded Girl said...

You were there, too? The crowd was MASSIVE. I got there at 8:40 and held a place for three friends to join me. Such an amazing historic experience. I feel like we got to touch the future. It goes beyond hope. I'm not sure what lies past that, but it's beyond hope. Glad you got in!

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