Saturday, February 9, 2008

fringe theatre and french food

i went to see a play last night with a friend who is heavily involved in fringe theatre in seattle. we went to the annex to see keep the light on. it was basically three short plays all being performed in post-apocalyptic times. the first was about a delivery man and had lots of layers of stories within stories. the second was a fantastic britney spears parody - Foxy Populi. i was very entertained by it and kept thinking it should be an online series. the third was a tale of a very observant girl and her mom visiting the world's last amusement park. this one was a little more serious - although still very quirky and fun.

prior to the show, we grabbed food at Cafe Presse. i'd read great reviews and it has gotten a lot of buzz on the blogs. it was really good and really reasonably priced. i had the croque madame - it was tasty! apparently they also show european football games. so i'm sure it won't be hard to convince VIPs in my life to go there!

random, but as we were sitting down, norm rice came and sat right next to me. the tables are pretty close together. he was wearing his big Obama '08 button and had been to the rally as well. it was a little bizarre, but he was nice. he had random people coming up and introducing themselves to him.

off to the union gospel mission to feed the homeless and then caucusing. i've never had so many people ask me if i was going to go caucus. i feel the turnout will be overwhelming - but in a good way.

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