Friday, February 15, 2008

I love when you find what you're looking for...

Say I'm going to have Chinese take-out or delivery for dinner tonight. I look on Yelp for some ideas. I find one, but after googling it, couldn't find it's official website. I want to know their menu and pricing. The reviews on Yelp are helpful, but I want details and ideas for what to order.

I was just about to get on here and complain. Every restaurant should have their menu available online. With prices. Disclaimers are fine (menu and prices subject to change). No problem. But give me an idea of what to look for. I'm really flexible when it comes to food. If you tell me you're out of my favorite dish, I'll find another thing on the menu I am excited to eat, guranteed. Whatev.

But it baffles me when restaurants don't post this information on their websites. Especially places that do delivery.

Anyway, I searched for the restaurant name and then added "menu" to my search terms. Lo and behold, popped up. Now it might not always be accurate - but the concept is genius! All those itty-bitty-ma-and-pop-shops that don't host websites can have an online presence. I can get some ideas for what I want for dinner!

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