Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a poem of yays

yay for sunshine on crisp winter days.
yay for mountains beckoning my inexperience.
yay for impending kicks to red rubber balls.
yay for impending kicks to futbols.
yay for belgian white ale.
yay for the chance to help make it.

and if the day turns out to be dull (which it was), yay for the person i was there with.

yay for new pillows.

yay for friends made in NOLA and a chance to reunite.
yay for friends going to NOLA.
yay for NOLA.
yay for research questions and $75 for my opinion.
yay for my marketing background being irrelevant and not making me ineligible.

yay for music. for latin dance pop concerts mid-week and $3 duwars and remembering that i actually do love to dance, i just don't like dance clubs. for djs. for friends in bands. for radio. for bad piped in muzak. for the ratpack channel.

yay for friends' birthdays. for impending pub hikes and guitar hero.

yay for food. for chinese delivery. for convenient Whole Foods. for impending lunches at an Airstream Trailer. for tuna helper. for mac 'n' cheese. for kombucha and green tea and muscle milk. for sushi and improv comedy.

yay for street art. for large wood used for packaging that makes me want to paint murals. for photography. for poetry. for alleys. for half-demolished buildings.

yay for trivial knowledge.

yay for people who make me laugh.


Karebear said...

yay for vacations in paradise that I can't really afford.

Yay for family that will tell you the truth, even when it isn't what you want to hear.

Yay for friends that write blogs so you can still feel connected even when you are across the world and in a different time zone!

See you soon!

Grounded Girl said...

Yay for the sunshine
Yay for time
Yay for Wisconsin and Hawaii and hope overcoming fear
Yay for the reawakening of life, within and without

Looking forward to the NOLA reunion tonight. I was watching "Crossroads" last night (yes, the Britney Spears movie) and got all verklempt at the Bourbon Street scene. Oh my NOLA... miss it, miss y'all, miss you.

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