Thursday, February 28, 2008

My favorite email subscription

I heart VSL. So many of the things I pass along on this blog I get from VSL. They're always on the leading edge of trends and I guess I just jive with their taste in things.

Today is no exception. Check out Daily Monster. He speeds up video of his drawings of monsters - a unique one every day. I love that you can witness the process as he draws things, goes back to fill them - and edits as he goes. The abstract quickly turns into a creature.

And then he invites people to tell stories about the monsters! What a simple, yet amazing creative collaboration of the individual and their public. I love it. This is definitely getting added to my RSS.


1 comment:

Grounded Girl said...

How does he do that? It looks like he's drawing upside down AND he never colors outside the lines! I lust for those pens...

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