Saturday, March 29, 2008

more unnecessary quotation marks:

if you're looking for something inexpensive and fun to do this weekend, may i suggest vegfest. you can be a socially conscious omnivore like myself (i.e. i <3 meat) and still stuff yourself silly on lots of yummy food for a mere $5. lots of bars and teas and smoothies and snacky things.

there was a kombucha booth. i love kombucha and have been known to spend too much on the occasional bottle. at WF it often goes for close to $3 a bottle. they were selling them for $1.75! and all proceeds benefited the vegetarians of washington. i had to buy a case!

the trouble is, i parked at my work and walked over there. so i had to carry a case of 12 16oz bottles from basically 4th & Mercer to Westlake and Denny. seems simple enough, right? wrong! it was incredibly awkward, and the walk felt about 5 times as long carrying the box. it didn't help that i had a paper bag full of samples of things hanging off my wrist/elbow (as it slid back and forth). i had planned for the possibility of walking back in the rain, so my umbrella also was weighing that down (but there's NO WAY i could have actually managed to hold a working umbrella, a case of kombucha and a bag of goodies. and the sun came out. i basically got into work with my arms trembling. good workout for my arms, i suppose! sure i could have taken a taxi or the bus - but i am too stubborn and cheap for these things. if i'm saving that much money in the first place, i shouldn't spend extra for transporting it!

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