Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yesterday I woke up slightly sore, feeling the new series of movements my body experienced at our first soccer game. We lost, but I'm excited about learning and growing and getting better. It was easy to shrug off any discomfort when I noticed the unrelenting sun beckoning me out of bed. My only plan was to have a mac 'n' cheese lunch at Geraldine's Counter with my fellow aficionado. It was only the second real get together we'd planned in Seattle. Our New Orleans adventure is still a pending short film. One of these days I'll edit it together.

I love Columbia City and I wish I made more of an effort to get down there. I couldn't calculate it exactly, but it had been too long. I had breakfast at Geraldine's Counter once before. I love the place - and the surrounding blocks. We sat at a corner table. I could tell the sunlight streaming in was probably blinding Grounded Girl, but neither of us suggested we close the blinds. I think we were both embracing the warmth and absorbing as much vitamin D as possible.

I truly appreciate conversations that effortlessly skip over a lot of the predetermined topics. Sure we talked a little about work and boys and other things we'd been up to. But the majority of our conversation lingered over our shared values - volunteering, New Orleans, Seattle Works... discussing community and development and why bowling alleys are good and why my new condo may feel like a urbane commune in all the right ways and how macaroni and cheese may come in a variety of ways - in our case with peppers! - but that doesn't make one better than another. They all have good qualities and should be appreciated for what they are.

Then I swung by Costco to fill up my gas tank. I had to use the restroom, so I went inside, though I knew I didn't need anything. On my way up to the entrance I saw a good friend from junior high and high school. I knew she was in Seattle. She knew I was in Seattle. We'd both spoken to other classmates in the past few months. But it was pure chance that we saw each other. I was happy to see her. It was one of those environments ripe with potential for an awkward conversation. I was on my way in. She was on her way out. The wind was blowing. I had to go use the facilities. And when you haven't seen someone in 10 years, it can be hard to know where to start and end that conversation. But it felt like no time had passed. She's still thoughtful and intelligent and deliberate in her words. She asked about my brother. We talked about where we work and live and other things that keep us busy. The conversation could have easily ended but we managed to keep it going a good while longer. Swapping phone numbers and talking about getting some people together. With good intention. I think it'll happen. Small world. Makes me appreciate living in a place where I can run into people like that.

My afternoon was spent reading and starting laundry. Then dinner turned into yet another small world experience. We were trying to decide where to eat. We thought about El Chupacabra, but after doing a quick drive-by, decided it looked too crowded. "Many hunger" was growing and Santa Fe Cafe was just a few blocks away. The price point was a little steeper than either of us had planned, but I also recalled it being really tasty. After all, it is my oldest brother and his wife's favorite Seattle restaurant. So we're sitting there and... my brother and sister-in-law were on their way out! The more bizarre thing is that J knew the sister of the guy they were dining with - through work. Small world indeed.

The sun is out again today in full force. It has been awhile since it has been sunny on Friday and Saturday. And I have tomorrow off as well! Although tomorrow it is supposed to be all rain and gloom. Oh well.

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