Monday, March 24, 2008

Zero to Hero... er... global brand.

I like thinking about and discussing brands with people. What succeeds (note the date of the article in that link)? What doesn't? Who picks those catchy tunes used in Apple commercials? Etc.

Kottke posed a question awhile back (I got way behind on his posts) that was posed by What I Learned Today...

What is the fastest "0 to global" brand?

Basically, what brand (company, product, person, any entity that holds a brand identity) do you think gained awareness the fastest.

Some good ideas were brought up on Kottke's reposting of this question, but before you go read their ideas, what comes to mind for you? There are a LOT of ways to answer this question - no right or wrong answers. I'm impressed by some of the creative answers from Kottke's readers.

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