Saturday, March 28, 2009


You know those moments where you mishear someone and it provides comedy? Classic example (that actually happened):

Carter and I were young - maybe 6th and 7th grade? We were with some friends at Shari's (your typical chain diner). As we ordered food, the waitress asked, "Soup or salad?" Someone said, "yes." Oh, I thought you said super salad.

Last night, while out at the bar, I recognized this woman who had delivered some brochures last week. She's unusual looking, and actually had a really awkward vibe about her - so she was memorable. I was giving her that look of recognition, so I cleared the air by just asking her if she was in my work recently delivering said brochures.

"Yes. That's me. Where is your business?"

To which I replied, "It's good."

Everyone I was with cocked their head to the side and raised their eyebrows. Oh! Where is my business! I thought she said, "How's business?"

I think misunderstandings like that may be one of my favorite forms of humor.

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