Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some thoughts.

Ever notice that first big sleep after a night of bad sleep - dreams are vivid and carry one with you the next day?

I have this mish mash in my brain this morning of strange dreams last night. Like being "forced" to go to Mars Hill (mash up of talking about going to an Easter service in Ireland, and the Mars Hill coverage debating the existence of Satan) - and then my Dad was there and he decided he wanted to be baptized again - and, wearing this teeny tiny towel (so you could see his frail body) he was walking around, full of life and energy and excited to be baptized. My Mom was like, "He's 80. He can do what he wants!"

I had other dreams last night and they are more fragmented. I could remember them this morning, but now that I'm ready to write them down, they're gone.

I've been thinking lately that I need to write more. I like my new Urban Ubiety blog, but now that I've found a focus, I have a small case of writer's block over there. So in the mean time, I am going to keep writing my random thoughts over here. After all, that's why I named this blog what I did... because it's an "other" place to write, process, discuss. I don't really need to post links to things here - I can do that so easily now on FB. So this can be more about me rambling than anything else.

I miss it. I know I miss it because my comments on other blogs lately have been lengthy. Like I know I shouldn't even be commenting, I should be linking to their post and writing my own version of the story.

I have a fancy smancy new Nikon D40. Finally! A DSLR. Of course, just because I know I can learn how to use it and make magic with it, doesn't mean I have it down yet. But thanks to fabulous friends - I'm going to read about it on my plane trip to Ireland and I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that enough clicks that I can capture what I want to. I don't need to come back as an award winning photographer. I just want to capture what I know I can - and get my eyes some practice.

I do hope to be able to have at least one "good" shot that I can make into art. My "prints on canvas" pieces are my favorite. I love that I know, for a fact, that I'm the only person in the world with them. They're something I helped to create. Customized. I have a hunch that it'll be something I take in Dublin - mostly because my condo is so "urban" and the art so far is very urban. Although I can make anything appropriate with a little editing.

I think I might need to get some good photo editing software one of these days.

One of those "social media" gems I've been enjoying lately is seeing friends' creativity. I love seeing how many people on facebook have blogs and flickr accounts and bands playing gigs and recording - friends who are really channeling their creative muses. It isn't even about success - but just seeing the process - the desire has been fantastic to witness.

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sandra said...

i applaud your efforts to decorate your new place with your own photography. frank and i just printed and framed a bunch of his photos for our new place. i love having it on the walls bc they're reminders (to us) of where we've been, plus are great story-starters when we have guests.

enjoy your trip to ireland. i'm jealous!

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