Monday, June 18, 2007

Recent Films

Last Thursday, I joined my friend Betta at the Harvard Exit to see Angels in the Dust. I didn't know much going in, but left with a mission - to encourage friends and family to see this movie.

The subject matter main seem a little heavy - that it is. It's a documentary about an orphanage in South Africa. It was started by a couple out of Johannesburg who left everything to reach out, educate, and give 250+ children a place to call home.

It's a film that brings awareness to the rape myth and the importance of ARVs in treating HIV. It is a relevant film. It also is a film that shows tremendous hope - as you fall in love with each and every child.

It's getting wider release in the fall.
I also had the opportunity on Friday night to see two more films at "Movie Night."

The first was an Italian film, The Missing Star. This is a beautiful film about an Italian machinist who figures out that there is a flaw in a machine that his company sold to a Chinese company. He ventures to China to explain the flaw to them, but is discouraged to find that they won't help him. The flaw could lead to deaths and the loss of a steel mill. So he sets out on his own, with the help of a Chinese girl who also speaks Italian. This is definitely a film about a journey, as well as cross-cultural communication.

The second film was Vacation. No, it isn't a Chevy Chase flick in German. It's a very slow family drama. I enjoyed it, although it was definitely a bit of a downer. Interestingly, it only has three short musical pieces in the entire score. It felt a little surreal to see a film without a constant score. This set for a serene tone throughout - reiterating the time being spent away from the city. Still... did I mention it was a bit of a downer? Yeah. No happy endings, but some interesting character development.
Finally, I just watched The Holiday on Netflix. It was cute and better than I anticipated. I really like Kate Winslet. Cameron Diaz' character was a little annoying. I enjoyed the overall story. After seeing more independent and foreign films lately, the "hollywood" feel was apparent. But in it's own way, it was a little tribute to old-Hollywood. That was the most refreshing part of the movie. I'm a sucker for little old men. And little old women. I have incredible respect for people who've been on this planet longer than I have and have a wealth of wisdom and perspective.

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